“Brooke is a fantastic nutritionist who knows her stuff and takes the time to explain scientifically why your body is reacting the way it is, and how that relates to the food you’re eating. As a bonus her meals are fun to make and taste great! Through following her advice my hypothyroid levels dropped drastically, I am now feeling great and may no longer need the medication I was on. I can’t thank her enough and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled nutritionist who genuinely cares about your health!”
Much love!

Amanda B.

“Brooke was really great to work with! She introduced me to many new delicious foods and made cooking simple for me. She met me at my level of cooking and introduced different ways for me to cook and eat. I learned lots about using spices and how to use them properly. Sometimes I got a little lost in the grocery store trying to find everything I needed, however my frustration was eased when I contacted Brooke for answers. She was always right there to help me.”

Hilary C.

“Brooke is amazing at helping people obtain their goals and improve their health. With her awesome recipes and customized meal plans I was able to lose weight easily without feeling like I was on a restrictive diet. I highly recommend Brooke’s services for anyone looking for a change in the right direction to be healthier and happier.”

Tyler F.

“Impressed with the information session I attended. Lots of interesting ideas on how to make simple changes to improve thyroid function!”

Erinn B.