Garden Chive Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce


I was watching Netflix…again. If you love cooking and eating amazing food Chefs Table is an awesome series you should watch! I’m always just blown away by the creativity of chefs and watching people working at something they are passionate about is truly inspiring.

Anyway, there I was just day dreaming about being a famous chef, cooking in a beautiful kitchen with an enormous garden and that’s when it happened! I had this overwhelming urge to make fresh pasta. If you’ve ever felt it, you know that there’s no fighting that wild pasta urge. If you’re reading this thinking I’m crazy, I urge you urgently: go make you some homemade pasta right now! Well, maybe read this first and then go. Because there isn’t much out there that is as satisfying, both to make and then more importantly to eat, than fresh pasta.

Let’s get a little bit crazy with it though. Seeing as how we just became professional armchair Netflix chefs, the world expects more from us than just a penne or some kind of ‘ini or ‘etti. You know what makes homemade pasta even better? Stuffing it with delicious shit (what? Badass professional armchair Netflix chefs pretty much have to curse. This is me now.).

So here’s where the fresh pasta idea evolves into ravioli and Voila! a new dish is born! I paired this earthy ravioli with a sweet potato puree and wilted Swiss chard.

Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Makes: 24 large ravioli



Pasta dough:
2 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 tsp sea salt
4 pasture raised eggs
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup chives, finely chopped

Ravioli Filling:
2 cups mushrooms, finely chopped
1 onion, finely diced
6 cloves of garlic, minced
3 cups fresh spinach, rough chopped
1 tbsp butter or unrefined virgin coconut oil
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
Sea salt
Black pepper
1/4 cup white wine

Brown Butter Sauce:
4 tbsp. butter
2 cloves garlic, minced
Sea salt
Black pepper

Start with the pasta because it needs to rest while you make your filling. Get out a bowl and add your flour. Make a well in the center and add the eggs, sea salt, chives and olive oil to it. Using a fork whip those ingredients together until it becomes too hard to fork (forking tough) and then just get right in there with your hands. Transfer the pasta dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 10 minutes (I know it’s a long time but pasta dough is one of the kneadiest doughs out there…that was funny and we both know it). Once you are done kneading let your dough hang-out and rest for 30 minutes.


Heat up a medium sauce pan with some butter or coconut oil. Then add the mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach, sea salt and black pepper. Cook until lightly browned and add in white wine. While you’re at it pour yourself a glass too. It’ll help bring out your inner Italian pasta chef and you deserve that.

When the wine has evaporated add the contents of the pan to a food processor or blender and blend until creamy. Now add grated parmesan cheese, mix it up and set it aside to cool.

┬áSo here we are, back at the dough. Your pasta dough should be well rested so divide it into 4 equal pieces. One-at-a-time either hand roll out the dough (which may be difficult) or use this fancy Pasta Machine (this option is much, much easier). If you’re using a pasta machine you’re going for a thickness of about a #5. Don’t try and get there the on first pass though! Slowly work down to it or you’ll clog the machine and need another glass of wine. If you’re hand rolling you want to work the dough as thin as you can roll it without tearing through. Ideally you’ll get it down to 1/8th of an inch thick. If you can’t, don’t sweat it. You’re making ravioli and it’s going to be awesome!


Now that your dough is rolled out you place a tbsp of filling on the dough every 1-2 inches from one end to the middle. Fold the other half of the dough over the filling side.

Cut out your raviolis with either a ravioli cutter or a cup (like I used because as you will recall I’m a professional armchair Netflix chef and that’s how we roll). Pinch the edges finger style or use a fork – this is your call and I’m not going to boss you around on this one. Repeat with the rest of the dough and filling.

Lightly flour a cookie sheet and place the ravioli onto the sheet as you make them. Cover with plastic wrap and place them in the fridge until you are ready to cook them up.


Fill a large pot with water, a touch of olive oil and a large pinch of sea salt. Fire up the burner and get it boiling! When it comes to a boil add in your ravioli. They’ll take about 5 minutes to cook so set a timer and start on your brown butter sauce.

In a medium sauce pan add butter, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. Let it cook until it starts to brown and then it take off the heat. Gently remove your ravioli from the water with a slotted spoon, plate them and top with brown butter sauce.

That’s it! Order up! You are a ravioli making genius, a professional armchair Netflix chef and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. And maybe one more glass of that white wine…

Thanks for reading and please share any comments or your experiences below. I love hearing feedback on these recipes so let me know how you like it! For more tasty recipes and other interesting blog entries follow me on Facebook!

Brooke Carragher, C.H.N- Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Blogger, Gardener, Yoga Enthusiast, Educator and Food Lover.

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