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I’m not ashamed to admit it. Are you? You shouldn’t be. You ought to be proud of it! I’m proud of it! So say it with me: I Love Beets! Mmm mmm! Red beets, golden beets, purple beets – doesn’t matter what kind because they are all good. They taste delicious and they are really good for you too. Beets are loaded with antioxidants, powerful phytonutrients, nitric oxide which you can read more about here–> Nitric Oxide . Beets also contain high amounts of betaine which helps to protect against cell death in the body. Bottom line: we all need to incorporate more beets into our diets because beets rule. The only downside with beets is that sometimes it’s hard to fit them in. So this tricky spot is right where beet kvass comes in handy. Wait…beet what?


 Beet kvass, lovely reader, is a kind of fermented juice, made primarily from beets, that is just amazing for your health. It’s certainly one of my favorite fermentables and if you get me started I just can’t say enough good things about it. My recipe is more than just beets though. It also includes ginger root and turmeric root and these two additions increase the anti-inflammatory properties of this powerful tonic and add more cancer fighting nutrients into your daily diet. Win-win.

Do you remember those cheesy infomercials with the catch phrase “Set it and forget it!”? Well those crafty slogan writers could have also been referring to making a batch of beet kvass. You basically toss a few simple ingredients into a salt brine and leave it alone for a week. That’s it. You’re done. It doesn’t get easier than this, folks.

Not only have I fallen in love with this tonic for the benefits to me and my digestive health but, in an unlikely and amusing turn of events, my dog has too! My pooch suffers from really dry skin and I have always had a hunch that just like me, it stems from her digestive health. So one day as an experiment, with my vets blessing of course,  I let her try some. She loved it and after a two weeks of beet kvass kibble, her skin really cleared up! Now I put it on her food once a day and if I hesitate, no word of a lie, she just stares from me to the food and back again until I pour it on.

You’ll need:
2 x large beet
1 x thumb-sized turmeric rootsIMG_5079
1 x thumb-sized ginger root
1/4 cup whey – Check out how to gather whey here—> Make Whey!

1/2 gallon filtered water
2 tbsp. sea salt

1 x 1/2 gallon glass jar with metal ring
1 x silicon airlock
1 x thermometer gun
Check out more on equipment here—> Gearing Up For Fermentables


Get your brine on and bring 1/2 gallon of filtered water to a boil. Once boiling take off the heat and add salt; stirring until all that salt is dissolved. Let your brine sit until the surface temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut up your turmeric, ginger and beets into large chunks. Add ginger and turmeric to your 1/2 gallon jar first then the beets to help keep them submerged. Now pour in the whey and slowly pour in the brine. Top with your silicon airlock and metal ring. Place in a dark place in your home or simply cover with a towel for 7 to 10 days. Feel free to taste the kvass to get familiar with the flavor change over the course of fermenting process. The taste when completed should be a touch salty, sweet a tad sour.

When you strain the first batch of beet kvass leave 10 oz of liquid and refill with more prepared and cooled brine. You can get two ferments out of the same beets, ginger and turmeric.


I love to use beet kvass in dressings to replace the acidic component and add some sweetness or just taking it as a health shot daily. Side note my dog gets grumpy and sometimes refuses to eat her food if I dont include beet kvass on her food at night. It has greatly improved her coat and of course her digestive tract!

Thanks for reading and please share any comments or your experiences below. I love hearing feedback on these recipes so let me know how you like it! For more tasty recipes and other interesting blog entries follow me on Facebook!

Brooke Carragher, C.H.N- Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Blogger, Gardener, Yoga Enthusiast, Educator and Food Lover.

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